Careers in Graphic Designing

What comes to your mind when you think of graphic designing as a career? Creative individuals manoeuvring their way through sleek laptops, and the latest software to create alluring images? That’s true but a career in Graphic Designing entails much more. It is a challenging career but comes with its perks and creative satisfaction. Let’s understand what graphic designers do, the graphic designing skills that one needs, and the career opportunities available in the field. 

Who is a Graphic Designer? So, who is a graphic designer and what exactly does a Graphic designer do?

Graphic designers offer a bouquet of services to establish the brand image in the customers' minds. Graphic Designers convert a product into a brand by amplifying a brand message which motivates the customer to try out the products. As they say first impression is the last impression so be it a logo, hoarding, banner, or any promotional image designers have to get it right. Their designs go a long way in determining the reach and popularity of the product.

Graphic Designers use a combination of images, illustrations, vector elements, colour, typography, etc. to make the brand visually appealing. They work primarily as logo designers, web and app designers, user experience, and interface designers, and brand identity designers. In the publishing industry, they play a key role by designing book covers, illustrations, and bringing the dead text to life. The options are unlimited.  

Careers in Graphic Designing  

With a degree in Graphic Designing from a prestigious B. Des Graphic design college, then you’ll be able to pursue the following career paths. 

1. Graphic Designer 

The job title can include different sets of duties in different industries. Broadly a graphic designer designs logos, brochures, hoardings, banners, promotional videos, product branding, and designs the overall look and feel of a campaign. 

2. Creative Director

Creative Directors determine the creative vision of a project. They ensure consistency in the aesthetics and branding of a project like a magazine, film, advertising campaign, etc. This role requires leadership skills, team management, budgeting, and time management abilities.  

3. UX and UI Designer 

UX and UI designers work to make a product or service seamless, smooth, simple to use, and intuitive. Their chief responsibility is to ensure that an app, website, landing page, or any other service is not just visually appealing but also free of bumps or confusion that a user is likely to face while using them. It is certainly one of the most sought-after skills in demand today. 

4. Multimedia Artist and Animator

The multimedia designer uses computer animation, visual impact to create media content. The demand for video content is increasing online today and graphic designers with skills in animation and motion graphics are much in demand.  

Challenges faced by graphic designer

A career in graphic designing can be challenging and fulfilling at the same time. The biggest challenge for a Graphic Designer is not to be predictable and constantly produce fresh concepts and ideas that can be translated into designs.  Since at any given point of time, a designer will be working with more than one brand entity or organization, the challenge is to keep each brand identity distinct. For example, if a designer is promoting three shampoo brands at the same time, each one should look and feel different. So, one has to have a fresh perspective for each brand to avoid repetition.  New design software is being introduced in the market every day. A designer can’t afford to be complacent and keeping pace with the new software in the market is an integral part of a career in Graphic Designing least you want to turn obsolete. 

Designers usually work within tight deadlines but, like the rest of us, a designer is a human being too. There are days when you may not particularly feel inspired or creative, but one has to deliver a design urgently with no scope of procrastination. In such a situation the challenge is to keep the creativity alive and deliver your work on time.