Software Development

Software Solution

Software Development is the core of any company. Any enterprise, new or old; small, medium-sized or large, every business enterprise needs software solutions to increase their output results. We at CopperJam provide diverse solutions for all your queries. These software solutions help you to manage your resources, perform various business functions and increase the efficiency and accuracy of your output.

CopperJam offers a complete assistance in:

  • Getting precision in accomplishments
  • Sustaining Coordination among different divisions
  • Cost saving solutions through organized business processes
  • ERP Solutions
  • CRM Solutions
  • Third Party Plugin Intregation

Being the leaders in the field of Software Development, we always provide the best solutions to the clients. We at CopperJam realize that every client has got an entirely different query and hence each one should be dealt in a unique and intelligent way.

ERP Software

We at CopperJam have developed an ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) software which helps the new and mid-sized enterprises to run their business more smoothly. This software helps them make the transactions in an easier manner. This ERP software provides personalized ERP solutions based on the requirements of the enterprise. ERP software provides resource optimizing solutions through well-managed business processes. It improves the flow of information in the organization and hence increases the pace of work. ERP software facilitates the management of activities at various sub-divisions. It gives a company an edge over the other companies.

CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management Software is a tool which provides complete solutions which allow your organization in its expansion by maintaining the data of its customers in an effective way. It encapsulates all the pre-sale and posts sale force dealings of the customers. We at CopperJam have created CRM software that enables an enterprise to maintain an amiable, and cordial bond with its customers.

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