Copywriting Skills

Copywriting Skills

Skills every Copywriter should have!!

1. Refined Writing Skills

To be a great copywriter, you need to write well. This isn’t as simple as it sounds either. You need to master grammar, English, punctuation, spelling, adjectives, and have a vast vocabulary to pull from when you write. Now, here’s the surprising part: you do not have to be a naturally polished writer. 

Instead, you can learn to write well — it just takes a little time out of each day. By breaking down your writing skills into mini skills, you can quickly learn the art of word slinging pain-free.

2. A Sense of Adventure and Curiosity

A copywriter is one that is always curious. You don’t accept an answer, you dive into that answer and pick it apart. You tinker with the facts, explore different ways to go about examining a topic, and you are always ready to learn more. The task of researching a topic almost makes you giddy. Even if it is a subject, you’re unfamiliar with, you’re curious and ready to absorb everything there is to know about it.

This copywriter skill is something that tends to come naturally, but before you think you’re not curious enough, consider just asking yourself questions. Anytime you have a topic or assignment, start asking the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.

You can trick yourself into being curious by answering those six essentials.

3. Stellar Research Skills

A copywriter must have a plethora of resources at their disposal. While a vast majority of your research will come from the web, you should also be willing to dabble in print (i.e., magazines, reference books, novels, etc.). If you’re assigned a topic, you should know exactly where to go and dive into the resources for answers. No, you don’t need a photographic memory here. You just need the ability to find answers.

Being internet-savvy is a start. Know how to search for things on Google properly, what keywords to strike, and how to get the most out of your results. Search Engine Land suggests always refining your search after the initial one is complete so that you can narrow down the results even more. Most importantly, you need authoritative sites. With more blogs and websites popping up on the Internet, you cannot cite your sources from just anyone. You need to ensure the company or individual you reference knows what they are talking about, has sound research, and they are an authority in the industry.

4. The Ability To Create Something New, Even If It’s Old

Copywriter skills are always changing based on the demands of search engines and internet users, but there is one skill that will never change: a copywriter’s need to create something new. One of the biggest challenge’s writers have today is coming up with something new. It most likely has been done, tried, and rehashed 500 times on the web already, and trying to break out and do something unexpected can create some serious writer’s block. You may find yourself stuck when the assignment is a topic, you’re unfamiliar with or when you’re stuck with a boring industry.

For example, how do you make oil changes fun and exciting? It’s not like consumers out there are dying to read about their engine’s oil, and most don’t even know what type of oil is in their car. So, how are you going to write something new, fun, and engaging when half your audience doesn’t care?

5. An Understanding of User Experience

The best copywriters are not concerned with the topic and SEO; they care about the user’s experience. Neil Patel at Content Marketing Institute says this is one of the most critical copywriting skills to refine. In fact, he even says a copywriter doesn’t need to worry themselves with SEO, CRO or UXD. According to Patel, writers should focus on the user. They can do this by: Using keywords that focus on the user’s needs, not the search engine. Create headlines based on what the user is looking for. Tailor the content to the needs and reading capacity of the reader.

Being able to predict and read the minds of your readers are critical copywriter skills. It requires you to separate yourself from your thoughts, preconceived notions, and even desires. You must focus on the needs of your reader only — even if you don’t agree with them. Start Polishing Your Copywriter Skills Now that you know the essential skills, take the time to refine them. It takes time to perfect your copywriter skills, and you should never consider yourself done even when you’ve reached the top. The best copywriters are always innovating and looking for ways to improve. By doing the same, you can become an accomplished writer.